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EternalMu Grand OpeningWe are a long term MU Online community that exists for over twelve years and one of the very few that really cares about its players and offers the best possible gameplay that you can find on a private server. During the years, we have improved our skills and thinking so everyone can enjoy MU Online at its best by playing on our near to bugless servers based on premium paid files that are set to replicate as much as possible the retail servers.



Server opens Friday, 12 May at 14:00 Server Time



Version: Season 10 Episode 3
Regular Experience: 100x
Master  Experience: 10x

Beginner Bonus! Boosted experience gain for 0 - 5 resets and small wings.

Reset from lvl 400, Stats Burns!
Stats for each reset: 1000
Party Exp Bonus
Resets Reward System
Endgame Reward System
Max Stats: 100.000 Total (Build Based)
Max Resets: Unlimited (100.000 Stats Cap)
Dynamic Experience - Less EXP with More Resets!

Valor (currency) will be awarded every reset, after 100 resets!
You can't obtain any items with real money, only by playing and participating to events!

Soul Success Rate: 90% (with luck)
Soul Success Rate: 70% (without luck)
Life Success Rate: 70%

No Items Shop!
Max Excellent Options: 2
Max Socket Options: 3
Max Socket Two-Handed Weapons: 5
Socket + Excellent: Disabled
Ancient + Excellent: Disabled
Items 380 + Excellent: Enabled
Reconnect System, Off-Trade, Auto Party
Monster Spots: 4-6 (available on minimap) in all maps
New Character, New Features, New Maps, New Events, New Bosses

PvM and PvP balance is effective at MAX STATS!

Blood Castle may drop Excellent AA Weapons
The Golden Colossus event may drop Wings of Angel & Devil (expirable)
Chaos Castle Survival will reward the winner with Wings of Conqueror (expirable)

More info and detailed server configuration can be found here.

Posted 20 / 04 / 2017

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